Sonntag, 18. Januar 2015

Facebook Art Jewellery Challenge 1

This is my Day 1 design in the Facebook Art Jewellery Challenge that I got from Manuela Flisi, thanks for the nomination.

This challenge was initiated by Donna Greenberg and the rules are simple: post one of your jewellery pieces on your Facebook page, one per day, for 5 days in a row (doesn't need to be new, can be a design you made in the past) and nominate another artist each day to continue this challenge.

Dies ist meine allererste gehäkelte Mustermixkette aus 2010, Mutter all der anderen entstandenen Entwürfe.

This is my very first crocheted pattern mix necklace "Blauversilbert" from 2010, mother of all the other developed necklaces. 

Ich nominiere Brigitte Heidelmann, deren gefädelte und gehäkelte Kreationen ich sehr bewundere.

I nominate Brigitte Heidelmann whose sewed and crocheted creations I greatly admire.

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